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2nd PLM Conference, 2013 - Call for Papers

Every two years PLM organises a conference in the philosophy of language and philosophy mind area. The first PLM conference took place in Stockholm, September 2011, organised by CLLAM. The second PLM conference will take place in Budapest, 13-15 September 2013, organised by the Department of PhilosophyCEU. A special issue of Synthese with papers from the first conference, by Craig French, Peter Fritz, Marie Guillot, Nat Hansen, Elisabeth Pacherie and Francois Recanati is forthcoming. A similar special issue of Synthese with papers from the second conference will be considered, to which a selected number of speakers will be asked to contribute. The conference fee is 50 EUR.
Key-note speakers will be:
Maria Alvarez (King’s College, London)
Stephen Neale (City University of New York)
Martine Nida-Rümelin (Philosophische Fakultät, Universität Freiburg)
Peter Pagin (CLLAM, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University)
Josefa Toribio (ICREA, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies)

Call For Papers
The conference welcomes contributed papers in the areas of philosophy of language (widely construed, including philosophical logic) and philosophy of mind. Contributed papers will be allocated 40 minutes, including 10-15 minutes for discussion.

To submit a proposal for a contributed talk:

1. Compose an email with your name, affiliation, and the title of your talk
2. Attach a two-page abstract of your talk, anonymized for blind refereeing, as a pdf file
4. Deadline: 31 March 2013
5. Results of the selection will be communicated no later than 31 May 2013


Philosophy of Language and Mind

PLM is a network of philosophical centres, institutes, and departments in Europe.
The main purposes of PLM are
  1. To further philosophy of mind and language in Europe generally.
  2. To provide a platform for cooperation between members, primarily in research, but possibly also in research training. This involves e.g. making use of PLM for joint applications to funding organisations.
  • every two years organizes a major mind and language conference, with invited and contributed talks, where most invited speakers will be from Europe. A selected number of speakers will be asked to contribute a paper in a following special issue of Synthèse. The first conference took place in Stockholm in September 2011. The second PLM conference will take place in September 2013 in Budapest, organized by the Philosophy Department atCEU.
  • every two years organizes an internal workshop.
  • every year organizes a PhD master class, open to PhD students in Europe. The first master class took place in Paris 10-11 December 2012, organized byInstitut Jean Nicod. The master philosopher was Dan Sperber (CNRS, CEU, ICCI).
  • endorses the Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference.
PLM was established at meetings in Barcelona and Paris during the spring of 2010.

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