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‘The Philosophical Dimension of Learning’

Philosophy and Education Conference

Rugby School 8 May 2012

Julian Baggini (Writer, journalist and co-founder of The Philosophers' Magazine)

A C Grayling (Master of the New College of the Humanities, UK)

Angie Hobbs (Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy, Warwick University)

John Taylor (Head of Philosophy and Director of Critical Skills, Rugby School)

This conference for teachers, school leaders and others with an interest in curriculum issues will address the question of the place of philosophy within secondary education.


·         Is there a philosophical dimension to learning in all areas of the curriculum?
·         What does it mean to take a philosophical approach to teaching?
·         Should there be a philosophical core curriculum?
·         Does the contemporary assessment-driven educational culture act to curtail free thought, and if so, what contribution does philosophy have to play in turning the tide?
·         What practical steps can we take in order to transform our schools and colleges into places with an ethos of deep, critical, reflective enquiry?

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