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 For all three Erasmus Awards, the deadline for applications is the

 27th of January 2012. This applies to students eligible for an Erasmus Mundus A (non-Europeans having spent less than 12 months in the EU), students eligible for an Eramus
 Mundus B (Europeans and non-Europeans having spent more than 12 months in the EU) and for non-European teachers.
 The Master Mundus “German and French Philosophy in the European Context” (Europhilosophie) offers to students worldwide
 a prestigious two year degree program specialized in the domains of German and French philosophy and their interaction within the European intellectual and cultural context.
 Through his or her program of study, each student will study at three different German and/or French universities of the consortium.

The program will select
 students (non-citizens and citizens of the European Union) to receive a scholarship. Students eligible for an Eramus Mundus A will receive an annual scholarship of 208000 Euros, while
 students eligible for an Eramus Mundus B will receive an annual scholarship of 9000. Students who are selected for an Erasmus Mundus B will be offered the opportunity to study in the USA, Brazil or Japan.
 The program will also select
 academics who are not citizens of the European Union who will be offered a grant to teach for three months                                                in one of the nine European universities of the consortium.
 By successfully completing the program, each student will be awarded a multiple master's degree in “German and French Philosophy” issued by the three European universities of his or her
 program of study. (The students studying in the USA will obtain, on top of three European masters, a master's degree from the University of Memphis).
 Students applying for the Europhilosophie Program must hold a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (judged equivalent to 180 ECTS).
 Fluency in spoken and written German and/or French is required for the program (all course work and lectures are in German and/or French).
 For more information on the program, see:
 (Europhilosophie secretary), jstephencarew@gmail.com
 (presidents of the Association of Europhilosophie Students)

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