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Postdoctoral Research Associate & PhD studentship

1st September  2012 – 31 August 2015
Philosophy Department, University of Kent

Postdoctoral Research Associate
£30,870 starting salary + annual increments.

PhD studentship
Fees paid + an annual maintenance grant of £13,590 per annum for three years.

To work with Prof. Jon Williamson on a project to research the relationship between Bayesian epistemology and inductive logic, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will focus on the development of a particular inductive logic, analysis of its key properties, and the development of computationally tractable methods for performing inferences in the inductive logic. This will require some familiarity with probability and logic. Programming competence would also be desirable. Applicants will be expected to hold a PhD on a related topic in mathematics, computing, philosophy or a related subject.

The PhD student will focus on the question of whether the resulting inductive logic survives a number of philosophical critiques. This will require competence in philosophical argumentation and knowledge of epistemology and elementary logic. Applicants will be expected to hold a Master’s degree, and a Bachelor’s degree at class 2(i) or higher; at least one of these degrees should be in philosophy.

Information about the project and application process is available at

The deadline for applications is 15th February 2012.

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