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19th Summer School in Cognitive Science

New Bulgarian University is announcing the 19th Summer School in Cognitive Science which will be held July 2 - July 15, 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The summer school features advanced courses for graduate students and young researchers in a variety of areas, including embodied cognition, brain functions and development, computational cognitive neuroscience, collective behavior, creativity, analogy-making, cognitive modeling and neural networks, individual differences, animal cognition.

The summer school lecturers this year include famous researchers like Holly Taylor, Angelo Cangelosi, Martin Peniak, Uri Hasson, Barbara Landau, Michael Mozer. This is a unique chance to learn first hand about the latest developments and big challenges. Decisions for admission are made on a case by case and first come first served bases. We have applicants from all over the world. Therefore the earlier you apply, the better.

New Bulgarian University 
Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science 
e-mail: school@cogs.nbu.bg 
Web page: http://nbu.bg/cogs/events/ss2012.html 

Email: school@cogs.nbu.bg
Visit the website at http://nbu.bg/cogs/events/ss2012.html

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