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A Graduate Conference on Value

University of Sheffield
11th-13th July 2012

With generous support from
The Mind Association and The Analysis Trust

Keynote speakers:
Dr Miranda Fricker, Birkbeck College, University of London
Professor Christopher Hookway, University of Sheffield
Professor Peter Lamarque, University of York

Determining the nature of value is a project that has a bearing on most areas of philosophy. For this reason, we hope to bring together graduate students working on a range of philosophical topics (including ethics, metaethics, aesthetics, epistemology, political philosophy and philosophy of mind) to discuss value. The conference will focus on a discussion of value from the perspective of three philosophical disciplines, broadly construed: (i) ethics; (ii) epistemology; and (iii) aesthetics. We would also welcome cross-disciplinary papers that consider the nature of value from a range of philosophical perspectives, and papers exclusively focussed on value.

Below are some of the kinds of questions that we hope will be discussed in the course of the conference. The list is not exhaustive, but should be read as a list of suggestions.

(i)    Ethics
       Can we have an objective conception of ethical value?
       Are ethical norms always relative to a particular cultural context?
       What role should empirical data play in forming a theory of ethical value?
       Are different types of ethical value incommensurable?
       Is happiness the only value by which we can judge quality of life?
       Is all human life of equal value?

(ii)   Epistemology
       Can we have an objective conception of epistemic value?
       Are epistemic norms always relative to a particular community of enquiry?
       What role should empirical data play in forming a theory of epistemic value?
       Can seemingly causal processes, like perceptions, have the normative force necessary to justify our beliefs?
       How tenable is the fact/value distinction in relation to epistemic norms?

(iii)   Aesthetics
        Can we have an objective conception of aesthetic value?
        Is aesthetic value always culturally relative?
        What role should empirical data play in forming a theory of aesthetic value?
        Are aesthetic values responsive to reason?
        Are aesthetic values different in kind to other types of value?

We welcome papers from graduate students, or those who have submitted a PhD in the last two years.

Due to the generous support of the Mind Association and the Analysis Trust the conference fee will be subsidised and bursaries will also be available.

How to submit your proposal

Submissions will be blind-reviewed and should include:

·      A cover note containing your name, institutional affiliation, email address, and the title of your paper.
·      An abstract of between 500 and 1000 words of a paper suitable for a 30-minute presentation.

All submissions should be emailed to by 1st March 2012. We hope to inform you of acceptance/rejection by 30th April 2012.

More information available at

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