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GAP-Award for furthering research in ontology and metaphysics

Ontos Verlag, the international publisher for philosophy & mathematical logic, donates every three years the award of the Society for Analytic Philosophy for furthering research in ontology and metaphysics. The next price award is at the 8th. Congress of the Society for Analytic Philosophy in Konstanz, Germany, September 17, 2012.

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ontos verlag is proud to participate in the EU-funded research project AGORA: Scholarly Open Access Research in European Philosophy, which aims at extending Open Access to secondary literature and establishing guidelines for best practice of Open Access in philosophical scholarship. ontos verlag has agreed to contribute to the project in part by making available some of its vast digital resources to the general public.

Our Open Access platform allows you free access to our rich selection of first-rate publications in German and English on Analytic Philosophy in general and the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein in particular. Experimentation with various forms of new Open Access business models is an integral part of the research carried out by AGORA. Hence, your response to our offer of free access to first-rate philosophical content will be incorporated into the analysis of the Open Access business models.
For a free download from our designated AGORA series just click on the item you wish to download and enter some basic information !

AGORA is co-funded by the European Commission under the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme. 

For more information on the project, please visit

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