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Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize 2011

The Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize was established by a bequest from the late Dr Laurence B. Briskman, formerly of the Department of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh. In 2011, arrangements for the Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize have changed. From 2011 on, the Prize will be awarded for the best paper appearing in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science for that year, on a topic or topics to which Sir Karl made a significant contribution. The value of the Prize is £1000 and will be awarded on the basis of the judgement of the Editors of the Journal.
See http://www.thebsps.org/society/bsps/popper_prize.html for further details.


The purpose of the Society is to study the logic, the methods, and the philosophy of science, as well as those of the various special sciences, including the social sciences. The Society holds an annual conference with invited speakers and contributed papers, as well as ordinary meetings running throughout the year at which invited speakers present a paper. The Society makes small grants to support conferences relevant to research and education in its areas of study, awards an annual doctoral studentship for doctoral work in philosophy of science in a UK university and The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science is published on our behalf by Oxford University Press. Visit www.thebsps.org for more information. To help support the aims of the Society and to be eligible to attend the annual conference and to apply for conference grants, please join the Society http://www.oxfordjournals.org/society/bsps/membership.html . On applying for membership, along with other benefits, one is eligible to subscribe to the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science at a significantly reduced rate more than paying for the subscription itself.

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