quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Workshop: On Mental Files and Singular Reference

SADAF invites the international community of researchers in Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Language to submit work proposals for the Workshop On Mental Files and Singular Reference, which will be held in SADAF, Buenos Aires, from the 14th to the 16th October 2013. 

Main speakers: François Recanati (Institut Jean Nicod) & Kepa Korta (Universidad del País Vasco)

Please address your submisssions to MentalFiles2013@gmail.com

(1) a file containing the title of the paper with no information about the author and a 750 word abstract; (2) another file containing the title of the paper and the author's data: name, institution, e-mail.

Due to the fact that the deadline for this workshop has passed, the papers will be assessed and the author will be informed of the admission/rejection within days from receiving it.

Organization Committee: Ramiro Caso, Justina Díaz Legaspe, Nicolás LoGuercio, Alfonso Losada, Eleonora Orlando, Laura Skerk, Ezequiel Zerbudis.

For more information, please contact: MentalFiles2013@gmail.com

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