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CAUSATION: New Prospects

December 5, December 6. 2013. 
Location: Collège de France. Paris. 
Organizer: Professor Claudine Tiercelin 
(Chaire de métaphysique et philosophie de la connaissance)

Thursday, December 5th, 2013  (amphithéâtre Guillaume Budé)

9h00 - 9h10 Opening : Claudine Tiercelin, Collège de France

9h10  Causation in the Quantum World – A New Case for the Paris Option?
Huw Price, Trinity College, University of Cambridge

10h10  Break

10h30  Experience, Causal Productivity and the Temporal Arrow
Laurie Paul, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

11h30  Possible Causation
Sara Bernstein, Duke University

12h30 : Lunch

14h30  Causal Reality: One Thing, Two Aspects
Michael Strevens, New York University

15h30  Break

15h50  Understanding Causation by Way of Failure
Stephen Mumford, University of Nottingham

16h50  Causal Powers, Causal Relations and Causal Explanation
Claudine Tiercelin Collège de France

17h40-18h00  Discussion

Friday, December 6th, 2013  (amphithéâtre Maurice Halbwachs)

9h  Development, Information and Causation,
Thomas Pradeu, University of Paris-Sorbonne

10h Break

10h20  Difference-Making and Causal Exclusion: Is There Still a Problem?
Helen Beebee, University of Manchester

11h20  Causation: New Arguments for the Counterfactual Theory of Causation
Paul Noordhof, University of York

12h30  Lunch

14h30- 15h30 Why Think Causally?
Brad Weslake, University of Rochester

15h30 Break

15h45  Actual Causation, Causal Paths, and Plans
Christopher Hitchcock, California Institute of Technology

16h45  Interventionism Defended: Methodology, Circularity, and Truth Conditions
James Woodward, University of Pittsburgh

17h45 - 18h15 : General Discussion

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