domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

Folk Epistemology

In Folk Epistemology María G. Navarro makes accessible to everyone interested on folk epistemology what the scientific community publishes on this topic.

What the definition of a heuristic is and what is its effect on reasoning? Why does it make sense to think that people’s inferences are influenced by the content of their premises? How could we define perceptual knowledge? Is there a common competence to reason about knowledge? What can the literature on experimental epistemology bring to a folk epistemology definition? Is it possible to formalize common sense or a common competence to ascribe knowledge? Is empathy a source of justified belief? Does it make sense to explore cultural variations in theories of mind?

These are questions we ask all in one way or another in our ordinary life. Folk Epistemology is the blog of an interpreter dedicated to establishing a dialogue between our diaries inquires and its academic formulation in philosopher’s works.

María G. Navarro is a “Juan de la Cierva” postdoctoral fellow. She is developing the research Project “Folk Epistemology and Ordinary Reasoning: Towards a Logic of Interpretation” at the Institute of Philosophy of the Spanish National Research Council.

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