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The History of Analytical Philosophy

The Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP) is currently considering proposals for symposia on any topic in the history of analytical philosophy to be held at the next Central APA (February 26-March 1, 2014, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL) and Pacific APA (April 16-20, 2014, San Diego, CA). Time allowed for symposia is 3 hours (including discussion). Symposia should include a minimum of three and a maximum of four contributions. Submissions should be clearly identified as “Symposium proposal” and include:

1)    The title of the symposium
    A clear indication of the APA meeting at which the symposium is to be held
    A brief description of the topic and its relevance (200 words)
    The name, email, affiliation and academic status (student, lecturer, assistant professor, etc.) of each participant
    The title of each contribution as well as a 200 word abstract.
    The name, email, affiliation and academic status of the person who will be chairing the symposium

Symposium proposals should be sent electronically to:
sshap@mcmaster.ca <mailto:bolzano@ksu.edu>

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 25 July 2013. Authors will be notified shortly thereafter.

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