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     Dialogues on Plato's Politeia (Republic)

Dialogues on Plato's Politeia (Republic).
Selected Papers from the Ninth Sysmposium Platonicum.
Edited by Noburu Notomi and Luc Brisson.
2013. 427 S. 58,00 Euro. 15,5 x 23 cm. Hardcover. 978-3-89665-538-7.
(International Plato Studies Bd. 31)

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This volume comprises a selection of the articles delivered at the Ninth Symposium Platonicum of the International Plato Society, held in Tokyo. The articles cover a variety of chief issues raised in Plato's Politeia (Republic), including philology, ethics, political philosophy, psychology, epistemology, metaphysics, education and aesthetics, together with its reception history. The volume reconsiders the recent achievements and provides new perspectives on this most important dialogue.

Noburu Notomi is Professor of Philosophy, Keio University, Japan, having received his M.A in Philosophy from University of Tokyo, and his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Cambridge. He was co-president of the International Plato Society (with Shinro Kato, 2007-10). He published The Unity of Plato's Sophist: between the sophist and the philosopher (Cambridge, 1999; Japanese version, Nagoya, 2002) and a number of books and articles on ancient philosophy in Japanese and English.
Luc Brisson, Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research (Paris, France), has published widely on both Plato and Plotinus, including bibliographies, translations, and commentaries. He has also published numerous works on the history of philosophy and religions in Antiquity.

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