quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

1st International Colloquium on Colors and Numbers / I Colóquio Internacional sobre Cores e Números

9-11, April, 2013

Auditório Luiz de Gonzaga
Centro de Humanidades III da UFC
Av. da Universidade, 2995 – Benfica, Fortaleza

Scientific Committee:

André Leclerc (UFC)

Joelma Marques Carvalho (UFC)

Marcos Silva (UFC)

First day (9/apr)

15:00        Dany Jaspers (HU Brussels, Bélgica) Logic, color percepts and nonnatural concepts

16:00        Joao Vergílio Cuter (USP) Colors and Numbers in the Transitional Period

17:00        Marcelo Carvalho (UNESP) Wittgenstein's Phenomenological Investigations: Colors, Numbers and    Visual Space in the Philosophische Bemerkungen

18:00        Ingolf Max (Uni Leipzig, Alemanha) Giving Up Logical Atomism By Using Multi-Dimensional      Elementary Structures

Second day (10/apr)

9:00           Dany Jaspers (HU Brussels, Bélgica) Generalizing natural concept formation: spatial eixis and              numerals

10:00        Mauro Engelmann (UFMG) Some Remarks on Logical Form: Why "weak" and "uncharacteristic"?

11:00        Camila Jourdan (UERJ) Visual numbers and chromatic proportions


14:00        Ludovic Soutif (PUC-Rio) What does it take to exemplify a simples? A fresh look at the debate                 around the Nature of tractarian Objects

15:00        Guilherme Ghisoni (UFG) The proposition as a cross-section in the stream of experiences

16:00        Ingolf Max (Uni Leipzig) On Wittgenstein's Tractarian Holism

Third day (11/apr)

9:00           Dany Jaspers (HU Brussells, Bélgica) Concept formation and lexical decomposition

10:00        Marcos Silva (UFC) Metaphysics and Secularization of Truth Tables

11:00        Araceli Velloso (UFG) Wittgenstein and Quine: Analyticity, State descriptions and the irreducible        character of qualitative properties

12:00        Andre Porto (UFG) Coordinates, Singularity and Negation

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