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The Actual and the Possible - British Society for the History of Philosophy - Annual Conference 2013

University of York
April 16th-18th 2013

Confirmed Speakers
Thomas Baldwin (York)
John Divers (Leeds)
Simo Knuuttila (Helsinki)
Jessica Leech (Sheffield)
Anna Marmadoro (Oxford)
Wayne Martin (Essex)
Ohad Nachtomy (Fordham/Bar-Ilan)
Peter Simons (Dublin)

In what senses can a thing or event be possible? How do notions of possibility relate to ideas of potentiality or powers? In what ways do conceptions of possibility relate to ideas of actuality? Are notions of possibility compatible with freedom and an open future?

This conference will address responses to these and related questions in the history of philosophy, from Ancient Greece to the 20th century. In this way, the conference aims to illuminate the background to recent ‘analytic’ and ‘continental’ approaches to modality, and to establish dialogue between them.

Papers concerning possibility and/or actuality are invited on any figure or period in the history of philosophy. Post-graduate students are encouraged to apply. To propose a paper, please send a 500 word abstract to m.sinclair@mmu.ac.uk by 6th Jan. 2013.

Supported by a Mind Association Major Conference Grant, The University of York and CHiPhi (Centre for the History of Philosophy).

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