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Philosophies of History: A Workshop on History as a Mode of Thought and as an Intellectually Plural Profession

A new international workshop titled 'Philosophies of History' is being launched through the University of Leeds and will run the length of AY 2012-3. The aim of the inter-disciplinary workshop is to foster open and frank discussions on the construction, performance and interpretation of 'History'. The intention is to analyze critically the historical field and in so doing help to generate novel discourses on the fundamental meaning of 'History', its relationship to philosophy other disciplines of enquiry, and ultimately its place in thought and society. It is intended that each meeting will be led/introduced by an expert in the field.

Please find attached more information. There's also a facebook page (the Philosophies of History) and a blog http://philosophiesofhistory.blogspot.co.uk

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us at:


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