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France PhilMath Workshop IV

Paris, October 4th-6th, 2012

Thursday October 4th 2010 – IHPST — Grande Salle

9h15-9h30 Welcome address

9h30-11h00 Opening Talk: Hannes Leitgeb (Munich), Semantic vs. Set-Theoretic Paradoxes

11h15-12h45 Justin Clarke-Doane (Melburne), What is the Benacerraf Problem?

14h15-15h45 Gerhard Heinzmann (Nancy), Does the French Connection (Poincaré, Lautman) provide some insights facing the thesis that meta-mathematics is an exception to the slogan that mathematics concerns structures?

16h00-17h30 Casper Storm Hansen (Aberdeen), Brouwer's Free Choice Sequences

17h45-19h15 Gabriele Usberti (Siena), Intuitionism, the Paradox of Knowability and Empirical Negation

Friday October 5th 2010 – Univ. Paris Diderot — salle Klimt (Bât. Condorcet)

9h30-11h00 Sébastien Gandon (Clermont-Ferrand), Rota on Combinatorics and Philosophy

11h15-12h45 Marianna Antonutti (Bristol), Incompleteness and Absolute Provability

14h15-15h45 Edoardo Rivello (Pisa), Revision without ordinals

16h00-17h30 Jean-Pierre Marquis (Montreal), Canonical Maps and Category Theory – Or why categorical foundations are necessary

17h45-19h15 Olivia Caramello (Cambridge), The unification of mathematics via topos theory

Saturday October 6th 2012 – IHPST — Grande Salle

9h45-11h15 Emmylou Haffner (Paris and Notre Dame), Dedekind on the generality of arithmetic

11h30-13h00 Closing Talk: Mic Detlefsen (Notre Dame), Rigor and the Nature of Reasoning

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