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AHRC Foundations of Structuralism Project
21-23 September 2012
University of Bristol

Plenary Speakers:

Jeremy Butterfield, Shamik Dasgupta, Eleanor Knox, James Ladyman, Fraser MacBride, Kerry MacKenzie, Fred Muller, Richard Pettigrew and David Wallace.

Contributed papers:

Francesca Biagioli ‘Felix Klein’s structuralism in mathematics and epistemology’

Anna Ciaunca ‘structural realism and structural objectivity’

Kate Hodeson ‘mathematical representation’

Daniel Kodaj ‘objective mind-dependent structures’

Donnchadh O’Conaill ‘Pythagoreanism and its discontents’

Ioan Muntean ‘structures, dualities and emergence: the case of string theory

Fiona Roxburgh ‘structuralism and the regulative unity of science’

Maria Serban ‘a contextualist challenge for scientific structuralism’

Jan Westerhoff ‘ontological problems for structuralism’

John Wigglesworth ‘mathematical structures and dependence’

Johanna Wolff ‘quantities need structures’

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