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A series of talks, Bob Hale (Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield, UK)

June 5–8,  2012, 
Department of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Department of Philosophy is delighted to invite you to a series of talks by professor Bob Hale (Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield, UK) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. All talks will take place at the Serbian Philosophical Society (Čika Ljubina 18–20, Belgrade). These are the titles of professor Hale’s lectures with the timetable:

Tuesday June 5, 13:00 h

"Frege’s problem of the concept horse"

Wednesday June 6, 13:00 h

"Absolute necessity and essence"

Thursday June 7, 13:00 h

"The problem of de re modality"

Friday June 8, 13:00 h

"Properties and second-order logic"

For further information about the talks (abstracts) and about the venue, please visit or please contact Mr. Dusko Prelevic at:

Entrance is free and everyone is welcome!

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