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Postgraduate Conference “Subjectivity and the Social World”

Organised by the Philosophy Department, University of Hull
Friday, 08 – Saturday, 09 June 2012

Key-Note Speakers:

Professor Dr. Michael W. Wheeler, University of Stirling:
“When the Twain Meet: on the 'Intelligible Interplay' between Cognitive Science and Phenomenology”

Dr. Donna Cox, Open University: Title will be announced later

We offer an interesting line-up of high-quality Postgraduate and Early-career post-doc speakers on the issue of subjectivity and its relation to the social world. The conference starts on Friday 12.00 and continues on Saturday, 09.00. Refreshments and (on Saturday) lunch will be available free of charge, on Friday evening we will organise dinner for those interested to join. Registration is free but necessary, so we can accommodate appropriately. The conference will be held Staff-House (Friday) and Wilberforce (Saturday). The conference registration desk will be open on Friday from 11.00 h and on Saturday from 08.30 h. For further information, or to register, please or get in contact with: The University Guesthouse offers accommodation for delegates from outside Hull. Please book your room by using:

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