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Historical Philosophy of Science

                           Summer school at the University of Pécs, Hungary
                                                        25th-29th June, 2012.

The summer school is intended for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students, and offers
lectures and seminars on early modern topics relevant for the philosophy of science. The lecturers
and topics are as follows

Prof. Giora Hon (Haifa), Kepler and the Renaissance
Prof. Steffen Ducheyne (Brussels), Descartes and Newton
Dr. Axel Gelfert (Singapore), Hobbes, Locke, Hume
Dr. Gábor Zemplén (Budapest), Goethe and Romanticism
Dr. Falk Wunderlich (Mainz), Kant

The outlines of the choreography: Each day will begin with a guest lecturer's talk, and then a
seminar follows based on the talk and pre-circulated material. At the end of the morning session,
the participants will organize themselves into small teams focusing on some specific question of
the given topic. The teams will be expected to prepare a presentation (to develop a position, or
argue against one etc.) Then lunch. In the first half of the afternoon the teams will be preoccupied
with preparing their presentations, and in the second half they present their work.

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