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2nd Glasgow Philosophy of Religion Seminar

24-25 May, 2012

Centre for Philosophy and Religion, Philosophy (School of Humanities), University of Glasgow

The biennial Seminar provides an international platform for discussion of work-in-progress in analytic philosophy of religion.

Confirmed speakers:

Vuko Andric and Attila Tanyi, University of Konstanz, ‘Between Boredom and Ignorance: On the Problems of an Omnitemporal Deity’

James Collin, University of Edinburgh, ‘Semantic Inferentialism and the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism’

Richard Corrigan, Malvern College, ‘Middle Knowledge, Impossible Subjunctives and the Power to do Otherwise’

Helen De Cruz, Somerville College, University of Oxford, ‘What is the Function of Natural Theological Arguments?’

Joseph Diekemper, Queen’s University Belfast/Hertford College, Oxford, ‘Space-Time Reductionism, Creation, and God’

Elizabeth Drummond Young, University of Edinburgh, ‘God’s Moral Goodness and Supererogation’

David Hunt, Whittier College, ‘On a Semantic Argument for Open Theism’

Christopher Jay, Merton College, Oxford, ‘Fictionalism and Religious Commitment’

Klaas Kraay, Ryerson University/St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, ‘Must God Prevent all Gratuitous Evil?’

Jon Loose, Heythrop College, University of London, ‘The Fallen Elevator: Personal Identity, Constitution & Afterlife’

Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou, University of Glasgow, ‘On the Failure of Christian Universalism: Curative Punishment and the Problem of Hell’

Jonathan Robson, University of Nottingham, ‘Testimony and Theistic Belief?’

Joshua Rollins, University of Oklahoma, ‘Epistemic Universalism and Common Consent Arguments’

Kyle Scott, University of Edinburgh, ‘The Problem of Arrogance’

Thord Svensson, Lund University, ‘The Meaning of “God”: The Causal Theory and Neo-Descriptivism’

Hami Verbin, Tel Aviv University, ‘Can God Forgive our Trespasses?’

Refreshments will be provided on both days, lunch will be provided on the 25th. Dinner and accommodation are by own arrangement. Places are limited so advance registration is essential. To register please email Victoria Harrison by Wednesday 16th May: Victoria.Harrison@glasgow.ac.uk

There is a registration fee of £10 (£5 for graduate students) payable at the door.

This event is sponsored by Philosophy at the University of Glasgow and by the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

Centre for Philosophy and Religion:

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