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Manchester Workshops in Political Theory: Ninth Annual Conference
Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT), University of Manchester
5th-7th, September, 2012

Convenor: Harry Lesser (University of Manchester)
The unjust neglect of Kant's political theory is a thing of the past. But although much important work has been done, a great deal remains that it is worth discussion. This workshop will focus on one text, The Doctrine of Right. Papers relating in any way to this text will be welcome, whether they discuss a general theme, analyse a particular passage, or apply Kant's ideas to contemporary issues. But emphasis should be first and foremost on the text, with discussion of the commentators limited to cases where they help us to understand the text. The language of the workshop will be English: quotations in German are welcome, as are discussions of the meaning of German terms; but translations should also be given.
Anyone who would like to present a paper should send the paper, or an abstract, toAnthony.h.lesser@btinternet.com before June 1st, 2012. Similarly, anyone who has questions, or matters to discuss, before they decide whether to do a paper, should contact me on the same email address.

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