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Seventh Annual Marquette Summer Seminar on Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition: “Meaning, Metaphysics, and Inference in Aristotle and Aristotelianism”

Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
20-22 June 2012

This Conference is intended to provide a formal occasion and central location for philosophers and scholars of the Midwest region (and elsewhere) to present and discuss their current work on Aristotle’ and his interpreters in ancient, medieval and contemporary philosophy.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 20 : Beaumier Conference Center, Raynor Library 

9-10:25: [1] Prof. Robert Bolton, Rutgers University, Title: TBA
10:35-12:00: [2] Prof. Thomas Olshewsky, University of Kentucky and New College of Florida, “The Dynamics of Dynamis”
1:30-2:55: [3] Mr. Russell Newstadt, Loyola University, Chicago, “Boethius on negation, division and the (dis)unity of the proposition”
3:05-4:30: [4] Prof. Joseph Novak, Waterloo University, “Brentano and Zeller: a Debate on Creationism in Aristotle with respect to the Human Mind.” 
4:40-6:05: [5] Dr. Yehuda Halper, Tulane University, “Meaning and Analogy in Averroes’ Psychology and Metaphysics”

7:00 pm Picnic (location to-be-announced)

THURSDAY JUNE 21 : Beaumier Conference Center, Raynor Library 
9-10:25: [6] Mr. Marcus Dracos, SUNY at Stony Brook, “Aristotle on Proper and Improper Arguments”
10:35-12:00: [7] Prof. Owen Goldin, Marquette University, “Aristotle on Circular Reasoning”
1:30-2:55: [8] Prof. Marko Malink, University of Chicago, “Essence and Modality in Aristotle”
3:05-4:30: [9] Prof. David Ebrey, Northwestern University, “Why are there no conditionals in Aristotle's logic?”
4:40-6:05: [10] Prof. Jeremy Kirby, Albion College, “Meaning, Essence, and Contradiction in Metaphysics Gamma 4 

FRIDAY JUNE 22 : Beaumier Conference Center, Raynor Library 
8:30-9:55: [11] Dr. Jolanta I. Jaskolowska, Chicago, IL, “Aristotle’s Semantics and the Accounts of lexis in the Poetics and Rhetoric” 
10:00-11:25: [12] Prof. Eva Cadavid, Centre College, “Are Mathematicians After Truth? Where Aristotle and Fictionalism Part Ways” 
11:30-12:55: [13] Ms. Charlene Elsby, McMaster University, “Aristotle on Truth and Inexistence in the Categories and De Interpretatione”

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