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'Perception', the 15th Annual Graduate Conference in Philosophy at the University of Essex

The nature and limits of perception are fiercely contested -- both by analytic and continental philosophers as well as researchers in other disciplines. For example, some take ethical perception, or perceptual access to forms or structures, to be genuine phenomena, whereas others find this empirically or philosophically implausible. Furthermore, it remains disputed whether in ordinary sensory awareness we perceive objects, facts, representations, sense data, qualia, concepts, or other  entities.

Furthermore, the intense interdisciplinary interest in perception -- spanning psychology, art, neuroscience and psychiatry, amongst other areas -- can promise to provide philosophy with exciting new resources and opportunities for collaborative inquiry. Yet, it also raises questions about the boundaries of philosophical investigation into perception, including whether philosophy has any legitimate role at all.

Keynote speakers: Dr. David McNeill (University of Essex) and Prof. Charles Travis (Kings College London) 

The conference shall be held on Saturday the 12th of May at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus. The conference will begin at 9:30am with the conference reception opening at 9:00am. Please see the conference website (www.essex.ac.uk/philosophy/gradconference) for further details or e-mail the conference organisers at pygradc@essex.ac.uk. Registration will be £5 for Students and £10 for all other delegates. Those interested in registering should e-mail pygradc@essex.ac.uk with their name, institutional affiliation and delegate status (student or otherwise). Please include 'Registration' in the subject heading. Payment will be taken at the conference reception. 

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