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MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory - Ninth Annual Conference

Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT), University of Manchester,
5th - 7th September 2012

Workshop on Animals in Political Theory
Convenor: Steve Cooke (University of Manchester)

Abstracts are invited for a workshop on Animal in Political Theory at the

MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory. Potential topics include, but are not
limited to:

 * Animal Rights
 * Animals and Global Justice
 * Animals and Democratic Theory
 * Animal Liberation
 * Liberalism and Animals
 * Animals and Political Thought

If you would like to present a paper at this workshop, please send a
500-word abstract (or a full paper) to stephen.cooke@manchester.ac.uk by 15
May 2012.

Contributions are welcome from the fields of political theory/philosophy,
history of philosophy, and ethics.

Conference website: http://manceptworkshops2012.wordpress.com/

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