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Invitation to the RVP Fall Seminars, 2012

The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) invites applications for two seminars to be held this Fall, 2012:

* September 24-October 26, 2012, Washington, D.C.: “Building Community in a Mobile/Global Age” (For detailed description see

* October 1-26, 2012, Beirut, Lebanon “The Value of Compassion and Forgiveness in the World Philosophical Traditions” (For detailed description see

Application for Participation

Applications for participation in these seminars should be sent email by April 15, 2012, to for the Washington seminar and to and for the Lebanon seminar. Participants cover their own travel; the RVP will provide simple room and board during the period of the seminars. Applications should include:

(1) a vita describing one’s education, professional positions and activities,
(2) a list of the applicants’ publications,
(3) a letter stating your interest and involvement in this theme and the relation of participation in this seminar to your past and future work in philosophy and related studies, and
(4) an abstract of a study(s) you might present as an integral part of the seminars.

(for information on the RVP activities and the full text of publications please visit

Gibbons Hall B-12, 620 Michigan Avenue, North East, Washington DC 20064;
Telephone: 202-319-6089; Email:; Website:

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