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Centered Content and Communication Workshop

Barcelona, 31 May - 2 June 2012

The topic of the workshop will include issues such as how to best understand the communication of centered content; what kinds of utterances, if any, involve centered/self-locating content?  Should the communication of such content be handled at the level of semantics or at the level of pragmatics? What is the best framework for such information exchange? Can an account of centered content shed light on related issues in the philosophy of language such as epistemic modals, knowledge claims, and predicates of personal taste?
Invited Speakers:
Kathrin Glüer-Pagin, Stockholm University
Robin Jeshion, University of Southern California
Sarah Moss (TBC), University of Michigan
Michael Nelson, University of California, Riverside
Dilip Ninan, Tufts University
Peter Pagin, Stockholm University
Francois Recanati, Institut Jean-Nicod

We welcome submissions either in the form of detailed abstracts (1000 words) or full papers.  Submissions should be prepared for blind review and sent to 
logoscccworkshop@gmail.com by 10 March.  Notifications of acceptance will be made by 10 April. For authors of accepted submissions, we will be able to cover accommodation expenses and offer limited financial help for justified travel expenses.

The workshop is organized by Manuel García-Carpintero (UB) and Stephan Torre (PERSP, UB) and sponsored by

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