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Call for workshop lecturer on Philosophical Perspectives on Causal Reasoning in Biology

Funding Available for Graduate Students and Recent PhDs to attend a workshop on Philosophical Perspectives on Causal Reasoning in Biology to be held at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, May 3-May 6, 2012. The Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science will hold the second of two workshops on Philosophical Perspectives on Causal Reasoning in Biology on May 3-May 6, 2012. We have limited space for graduate students and recent PhDs. We will cover lodging for three nights and meals and contribute up to $350 towards travel. The workshop is by invitation only. Graduate students and recent PhDs interested in participating should send a CV and a letter explaining their interest, and arrange for a letter of recommendation to be sent directly to the Center at All application materials should be received by March 22, 2012 for full consideration.

This is the second workshop of a project organized by Ken Waters, Jim Woodward, and Mike Travisano. The first workshop brought together a small group of biologists, philosophers working in the general area of causation, and philosophers of biology to discuss issues involving causal concepts in biology. Participants prepared for the first meeting by reading classic philosophical works on causation. Biologists and philosophers made presentations describing causal phenomena or issues in their research areas that called for careful causal analysis.

The second workshop will be devoted to discussing papers written by participants of the first workshop about the nature of causation and causal reasoning in biological sciences. Participants, including new graduate student and recent PhD participants, will prepare for the second workshop by reading these papers in advance. Discussion of individual papers will be initiated by a five-minute reflection by the author about how their paper relates to others in the workshop and a ten-minute commentary on the paper (by another participant). New graduate student and recent PhD participants will be expected to give at least one and possibly more commentaries. Papers will be revised in light of workshop discussion and submitted to Minnesota Studies for the Philosophy of Science.”

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