domingo, 4 de março de 2012

ArgLab session

Date: 2 March 2012 (Friday), 11.00-13.00, place: sala 1.05 edificio I&D, UNL, Av. de Berna 26C. "Normative conditions for analogical argumentation from a linguistic-pragmatic perspective", by Dr. Lilian Bermejo-Luque, University of Granada.

In Giving Reasons, I developed a linguistic-pragmatic model for argumentation based on a characterization of acts of arguing as second order speech-act complexes. Such linguistic approach aimed to integrate argumentation’s logical, dialectical and rhetorical features and normative constraints and to give a unitary account of its justificatory and persuasive powers. Taking as a basis Bach and Harnish's Speech Act Schema (SAS), my contention was that this model was able to deal with non-literal and indirect argumentation. I am going to explain the rationale for such an approach. In addition, as a case study, I will analyze analogical argumentation and show that the model is able to explain why certain types of analogical arguments can be said to be deductive and yet defeasible.

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