sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Six Vintage-Inspired Animations on Critical Thinking (Pensamento Crítico)

A field guide to the art and science of the solid argument.

Australian outfit Bridge 8 , who have the admirable mission of devising “creative strategies for science and society,” and animator James Hutson  have created six fantastic two-minute animations on various aspects of critical thinking, aimed at kids ages 8 to 10 but also designed to resonate with grown-ups. Inspired by the animation style of the 1950s, most recognizably Saul Bass, the films are designed to promote a set of educational resources on critical thinking by TechNYou , an emerging technologies public information project funded by the Australian government.The animations — which are part Minute Physics, part The Dot and the Line, part 60-Second Adventures in Thought — are released under a Creative Commons license and cover the basics of logic and the scientific method, as well as specific psychological pitfalls like confirmation bias and Gambler’s Fallacy.

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