quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

Postdoctoral fellowships in Sydney

In conjunction with a recent grant from the John Templeton Foundation for the interdisciplinary project 'New Agendas for the Study of Time: Connecting the Disciplines', the University of Sydney has advertised four 2-year postdoctoral fellowships. Two are tenable in the Department of Philosophy, SOPHI, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with specialisations in Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Physics, respectively. The other two are tenable in the Faculty of Science, in HPS and the School of Psychology, respectively. Further details and an online application system are available via the links below. The closing date for all four positions is 1 March 2012.

Some further details about the JTF project are available in the following University of Sydney news item: http://sydney.edu.au/news/arts/2228.html?newsstoryid=8277

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