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Relational and Non-relational Views

July 5-7, 2012

Central European University, Budapest
Organized by the Departments of Political Science 
and Philosophy, CEU and the Global Justice Network

Keynote speakers:
Simon Caney (Oxford University)
Samuel Scheffler (New York University)

Should duties of distributive justice extend to humanity at large or be
limited to compatriots? The debate about the proper scope of distributive
duties explores whether the concern with individual distributive shares is
grounded in our shared humanity, as cosmopolitans claim, or rather duties
of justice arise only among those who are subject to the same coercive
political institutions, participate in a shared social practice, or share
in the same culture, as proponents of the so-called practice-dependent
view hold. Parallel to this debate, discussions in the theory of justice
have focused increasingly on the problem whether an egalitarian
distribution of social resources has independent moral significance, as
distributive conceptions propose, or instead any profile of distribution
is morally desirable only insofar that it advances egalitarian social and
political relations, as social-relational conceptions of justice claim.
The workshop aims to bring together these two debates in contemporary
political theory, with the expectation that insights from one may shed new
light on problems discussed in the other. We especially welcome papers
that aim to bridge the two problems, but also interested in papers with
new insights in either of the two fields. We welcome papers that discuss
general theoretical problems as well as those with a practical political

To apply, please send us an abstract of max. 500 words by January 30th
2012 to the email address ceuglobaljustice@gmail.com

Accepted participants will be notified by March 1st, 2012.

For inquiries please write to Eszter Kollar ekollar@johncabot.edu or
Zoltan Miklosi  MiklosiZ@ceu.hu

Kind regards,
Eszter Kollar (JCU, Global Justice Network)
Zoltan Miklosi (CEU)
Andres Moles (CEU)
Orsi Reich (CEU, Harvard)

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