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First PERSP Legal Philosophy Workshop

Topic: Perspectival Legal Discourse

Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

July 5th and 6th, 2012

Organised by Jordi Ferrer (Girona), Juan José Moreso (Barcelona), Luís
Duarte d'Almeida (Girona and Cambridge) and Matthew H. Kramer (Cambridge)

The organisers invite submissions for an international workshop on
"Perspectival Legal Discourse". The workshop will take place in Cambridge
on July 5th and 6th, 2012.

Is legal discourse perspectival? Does the sincere utterance of statements
of law hinge on the adoption of any particular point of view? Do we appeal
to a distinctively legal viewpoint when we speak of legal duties, rights,
or powers? More generally, is the truth (or even the truth-value) of
propositions of law dependent on any characteristic perspective,
presupposition, fiction, or standpoint?

These have been important questions in legal theory and philosophy of law
at least since HLA Hart's 1961 "The Concept of Law". Hart's views on such
issues were subject to much exegetical and critical scrutiny over the past
decades, as have Hans Kelsen's or Joseph Raz's. This workshop aims to move
the debate further by discussing original papers that directly tackle the
general topic of perspectival legal discourse in any of its aspects.

Detailed abstracts (around 800 words) prepared for blind review should be
submitted to until April 30th, 2012. Six to eight
papers will be selected for presentation, and authors will be notified of
decisions by May 11th, 2012.

Accommodation (3 nights) and meals will be provided for accepted speakers.
Very limited funding is also available to help cover speakers travel
expenses; preference will be given to junior scholars. Candidate speakers
who wish to be considered for this support should declare so (and briefly
state their reasons) at the moment of submitting their abstracts.

This workshop is sponsored by: The Consolider-Ingenio Persp Project (WPS3) (; the Cambridge Forum for Legal and Political
Philosophy (; the CCCOM (Communication in
Context) Project (

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