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People agree and disagree about a lot of things: what happens around them,
what to do, about matters of taste, and, more generally, about world views,
values, policies, theories, philosophies, etc. Some disagreements appear to
be "faultless", no party in such a dispute needs to be mistaken. Other
disagreements seem to be "merely verbal", and perhaps no real disagreements
at all. In both cases, philosophers have argued that this diagnosis should
lead to deflationism about the subject matter of the initial (apparent)
disagreement. If disagreements about a certain subject matter are
faultless, then there are no objective truths about that subject matter; if
disagreements about a certain subject matter are merely verbal, then they
concern a pseudo-problem. Still some other disagreements seem to involve
less what people explicitly believe or think about something than their
dispositions to act towards a given goal.
This special issue of *Erkenntnis* is devoted to the varieties of
disagreement that arise in different areas of discourse.

The special issue is edited by Teresa Marques (Lisbon) and Daniel Cohnitz

Papers should be emailed to mariateresamarques @ or cohnitz @ no later than

April 1st, 2012.

Submissions must be in English and conform to the submission standards of
Erkenntnis (please consult the "instructions for authors" here:

All submissions must be prepared for blind review.

This volume is an initiative of the collaborative research project *CCCOM -
Communication in Context <> - Shared Understanding
in a Complex World*, supported by the EUROCORES programme EuroUnderstanding
of the ESF.

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