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Call for abstracts: 5th Colloquium on Ethics and Applied Ethics

*Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil), 18-21 June 2012

The Philosophy Graduate Program of the Federal University of Santa Maria invites members of the international philosophical community to submit presentation abstracts for the 5th Colloquium on Ethics and Applied Ethics, to be held on 18-21 June, 2012, in Santa Maria, RS (Brazil).
Submissions will be accepted at
vcoloquiodeeticaeeticaaplicada@gmail.com* until
March 5th, 2012, in the form of an abstract of up to 500 words, plus title
of presentation, and author information in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long followed by a 10 minute discussion.
Further information can be obtained at the email address above.

There are no fees for submission of abstracts. Participation (including
presentations) require registration, which includes the following fees, to
be paid upon arrival at the Colloquium:

Undergraduate students: R$ 20 (R$ 1 = US$ 1.80, approximately)

Graduate students: R$ 30

Professors: R$ 50

The following speakers will be giving conferences at the Colloquium:

David Copp (University of California, Davis)

John Cottingham (University of Reading, UK)

Marina Oshana (University of California, Davis)

Michael Slote (University of Miami)

Wilson Mendonça (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Santa Maria, 25 January, 2012

Flávio Williges, Ricardo Bins di Napoli (Colloquium organizers)

César Schirmer dos Santos (Scientific Committee chair)

Maiores informações sobre o evento podem ser encontradas aqui:

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