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10th BPPA Masterclass: Modality and the A Priori / A Posteriori Distinction with Timothy Williamson

27-28 April 2012
Institute of Philosophy (London)

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association is pleased to announce the
10th instalment in its unique series of philosophy masterclasses, to be
led by Prof. Timothy Williamson and cover the twin topics of modality and
the a priori / a posteriori distinction.

The masterclass is an opportunity for a small group of research
postgraduate students to study these topics over the course of two full
days under the guidance of one of the leading experts on them.

Participants will have a passion for both topics of the masterclass. They
will be expected to prepare by reading texts assigned by Prof. Williamson
and to arrive full of questions and ideas from the reading and beyond.

To apply, please send (i) a brief description of your research and (ii) a
cover letter explaining how you hope to benefit from attending. Please
also have your supervisor send (iii) a letter explaining how you would
contribute to and benefit from the masterclass. If you wish, you may also
submit (iv) a writing sample on any topic. All materials should be sent to by March 1. Successful applicants will be
notified by March 15.

Thanks to the generous support of the Institute of Philosophy and the
Analysis Trust, we are able to cover meals and accommodation for all
participants. Some travel bursaries may also be available, but
participants are encouraged to seek funding from their departments.

Simona Aimar (Oxford University)
Grant Reaber (Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen University)

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