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Quine – Peter Hylton

Resenhista: Rogério Passos Severo

This is a review of Peter Hylton's Quine (Routledge, 2007). The review highlights three aspects of the book that make are somewhat novel in the literature: (1) Hylton points out that Quine does not reject the analytic-synthetic distinction altogether, but merely its epistemological use by Carnap and others; (2) that the thesis of indeterminacy of translation is not a central doctrine in Quine's philosophy; and (3) that besides a naturalized epistemology, Quine's philosophy contains also a "naturalized metaphysics".

Citação: Severo (2009),  Rogério Passos. "Quine – Peter Hylton". The Philosophical Quarterly: vol. 59, n. 237, pp. 738–740.

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