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The Ethics of Surveillance

27-28 February 2012
Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied CETL and 
Institute for Communication Studies, University of Leeds

Papers are invited for a conference on the ethics of surveillance to be held at the University of Leeds on 27-28 February 2012, beginning with lunch on Monday and ending with lunch on Tuesday. Surveillance practices have been increasing in the private and public sphere over the last 30 years.  Recently the ethics of these practices have been increasingly questioned, with US & European companies selling equipment to oppressive regimes in the Middle East and US & European police using sophisticated techniques in monitoring legitimate protests. At the same time other aspects of surveillance are broadly accepted, such as CCTV in the UK and identity cards in Germany.  However there has been little normative reflection on surveillance at the academic level.  This conference will seek to address this lack and suggest ways forward. One such possible approach is the use of categories traditionally associated with the just war tradition.  Such categories include authority, just cause, discrimination, proportionality, chance of success, intention and necessity.  Possible subjects for discussion may thus include, but not be limited to:

·        What are justifiable reasons for surveillance?

·        Are there categories of people who should be immune from surveillance?

·        Is intention relevant to surveillance?

·        Is there a default right not to be surveilled?

·        How should the question of legitimate authority be addressed in surveillance?

·        What is proportionality and what is meant by proportionate surveillance?

·        Is there such a thing as harmless surveillance?

·        When does surveillance become necessary?

Keynote Speakers:

Charles Raab (University of Edinburgh)

Tom Sorrell (University of Birmingham)

Katja Franko Aas (University of Oslo)

Juliet Lodge (University of Leeds)

Speakers will have 45 minutes for their presentations.  If you would like to present a paper please send a 300-word abstract to by 16 January 2012. Please also include in your email your name and institutional affiliation.  Decisions will be made by 31 January 2012.  Further information, including details of the registration fee and accommodation booking, will be announced shortly.  If you would like more information about the conference in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us at this address.

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