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The final conference in the AHRC supported project: The Nature of Phenomenal Qualities

University of Hertfordshire, UK
March 29th - April 1st 2012

The conference will focus on the ontological nature of phenomenal qualities, the role and location of phenomenal qualities in perceptual experience, the relation of phenomenal qualities to the representational aspects of experience, the connections between phenomenal qualities, bodily states and the sensible properties of the objects of perception, and other allied topics.


Ned Block, Dave Chalmers, Paul Coates, Sam Coleman, Ophelia Deroy, Tim Crane, Philip Goff, Jonathan Lowe, Fiona Macpherson, Tony Marcel, Mike Martin, Michelle Montague, David Papineau, Ron Rensink, Howard Robinson, Susanna Schellenberg, Paul Snowdon, Galen Strawson, Michael Tye. 

The conference will take place at the de Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK. There will be a special reduced registration fee for Postgraduate students. Further details for delegates about registration and accommodation arrangements will follow.

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