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Tacit Knowledge in Science: Discussions with Harry Collins

Nancy, 12-13 December 2011

The PratiScienS group organizes a conference to discuss Harry Collins’ recent book Tacit and Explicit Knowledge (2010). The conference will take place on 12-13 December 2011 at Nancy University (France). The aim of the conference is to discuss the argument of Collins’ book and more generally the issue of tacit knowledge in the sciences. Harry Collins will give an opening talk and will respond to invited and contributed talks.

Speakers: Régis Catinaud, Bahram Djenab, Baudouin Jurdant, Olivier Kaufmann, Trevor Pinch, Léna Soler, Tim Thornton, Aviezer Tucker, and Sjoerd Zwart.

A detailed program and practical information will be sent in due time.
For more information on the conference, please contact Léna Soler at:  l_soler@club-internet.fr
For more information on the PratiScienS group: http://poincare.univ-nancy2.fr/PratiScienS/?contentId=6938

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