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The Latinamerican Association for Analytic Philosophy (ALFAn): II Conference (α2)

Buenos Aires, August 20-25, 2012

Invited speakers: 
Eduardo Fermandois (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Olbeth Hansberg (Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas-UNAM)
Alberto Moretti (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Luiz Carlos Pereira (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Rio de Janeiro)
Dan Sperber (Jean-Nicod) (to be confirmed)
Josefa Toribio (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona-ICREA)

The conference will be devoted to the examination and exploration of issues belonging in the different areas of Analytic Philosophy, such as philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, logic and philosophy of logic, metaphysics, epistemology, cognitive science, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of law, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics.

We invite submissions for 40-minute presentations, which will be followed by 20-minute discussions, in case they do not have a commentator. In case they do have one, the presentation will last for 30 minutes, the commentary, for 15 minutes, and then there will be a 15-minute general discussion. Discussion tables will last for 2 hours –hence they will be allowed up to 4 members in each one. 

Submissions should take the form of a 1500-word abstract. They should be sent by e-mail in an attached file in pdf, rtf, WordPerfect or Word format to Authors’ names and affiliation should be given only in the text of the email message. The applicant should say whether she/he is ready to have a commentator (if this were the case, a full paper would be expected by July 20th), and/or whether she/he is ready to act as one. Those who only wanted to be commentators should send a notification to the above address, to inform about their respective areas of expertise and/or interest. In case of the discussion tables, an extra general 1000-word abstract for the whole table is also required. 
All the abstracts will be blind refereed by the Scientific Committee of the conference. 

Deadline for reception of submissions:  March 1st, 2012 
Communication of acceptance/rejection: April 15th, 2012

The official languages of the conference will be Portuguese, Spanish and English. 

Scientific Committee:
José Tomás Alvarado Marambio, Axel Barceló, Eduardo Barrio, Patricia Brunsteins, Carlos Enrique Caorsi, Alejandro Cassini, Jose Díez Calzada, Angeles Eraña, Maite Ezcurdia, Paulo Faria, Miguel Angel Fernández, Max Freund, Mario Gómez Torrente, Plinio Junqueira-Smith, Kepa Korta, André Leclerc, Pablo Lorenzano, Hernán Miguel, Federico Penelas, Ernesto Perini-Santos, Pablo Quintanilla, Eduardo Rivera López,  Alejandro Rosas, Agustín Rayo, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereira, Marco Ruffino, Waldomiro Silva Filho, Liza Skidelsky, Robert Stainton, Verónica Tozzi.

Organizing Committee: 
Eleonora Orlando, Diana Pérez, Tomás Balmaceda,  Eleonora Cresto, Justina Díaz Legaspe, Karina Pedace, Laura Skerk

Registration costs are as follows:

Speakers and commentators     
Early bird registration (before May 30, 2012)
Active ALFAn members: USD $30
Others: USD $60    
Standard registration (from May 30, 2012)
Active ALFAn members: USD $50
Others: USD $100
Early bird registration
Active ALFAn members: free
Others: USD $15
Standard registration
Active ALFAn members: USD $15
Others: USD $25
The deadline to cancel the association fee for 2012 is May 20, 2012. Cancellation will be required to be considered an active ALFAn member.

For further particulars, contact us by sending us an email to

Eleonora Orlando & Diana Pérez

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