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Tilburg University, The Netherlands 
31 May - 1 June 2012


This conference brings together experts from political philosophy, legal philosophy and social epistemology to examine fundamental issues in the theory of democracy. Is there an internal connection between the value of democracy within a group of enquirers and the "objective" standing of the products of that inquiry? How is the ideal of democratic self-governance connected to the pluralism of moral values? What is the relationship between the normative authority of democracy and of a legal system? How might the emergence of a trans-national legal order alter how we think about constitutional ideas? In what way can formal methods give insight into practical policy issues? 

We invite submissions of both a short abstract (max. 100 words) and an extended abstract (1000-1500 words) through our automatic submission system by 15 January 2012. Decisions will be made by 1 February 2012.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERSHelen Longino (Stanford), Alexander Somek (Iowa), and Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt)

ORGANIZERS: Stephan Hartmann, Hans Lindahl, Alan Thomas

This conference is a joint event of TiLPS and Tilburg University's Department of Philosophy.
The conference language is English.

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