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International Colloquium on The 75th anniversary of Delfim Santos: An evaluative assessment of Neopositivism

Organized by Filipe D. Santos and the Delfim Santos Project Team
The University of Lisbon Center for Philosophy of Science (CFCUL) 

The Colloquium will be held on 3rd & 4th November 2011 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, being part of the Project "The Vienna Papers of Delfim Santos (1935-36) and the Philosophy of Science in Portugal", based on Professor Delfim Santos' (1907-1966) celebrated dissertation, published in Berlin two years later (1938), and on his own archival and until now unpublished papers as student in Vienna, Cambridge and Berlin. 

We are proud to announce the presence of Professor Friedrich Stadler, Head of the Institute Vienna Circle and the Moritz-Schlick-Projekt as our international guest speaker. 

Other keynote speakers will include:

- José Luis Brandão da Luz (Azores University), author of Introduction to Epistemology, Knowledge, Truth and History, 2002.
- Augusto Fitas (Évora University), co-author of Philosophy and History of Science in Portugal during the 20th Century, 2008.
- Olga Pombo (Lisbon University), co-author of Otto Neurath and the Unity of Science, 2011.
- Filipe D. Santos (CFCUL), editor of The Vienna Papers of Delfim Santos, 2011. 

The 3sections of the Colloquium will cover a broad spectrum of interests, as follows:

Section A (headed by Friedrich Stadler & Olga Pombo) –The Vienna Circle (Wiener Kreis) and its ambitious epistemological program: positivism, empiricism, 'Logistik' and the unity of science.
Section B (headed by Brandão da Luz) –Delfim Santos and An evaluative assessment of Neopositivismin the context of Science and Philosophy of Science in Portugal.
Section C (headed by Augusto Fitas & Filipe D. Santos) –Portuguese students and research fellowsabroad in the first half of the 20th Century: individual or comparative overview of goals, attainments and failures; institutional efforts towards the internationalization of Portuguese scholars and their careers: from the Junta de Educação Nacional (1929-1936) to the Instituto para a Alta Cultura (1936-1952). 

 New books released at the event include:

– The Vienna Papers of Delfim Santos(unpublished materials of his years as research fellow in 1935-37).
– Delfim Santos and Joaquim de Carvalho: correspondence.

Abstracts of papers intended to be presented and published in the Colloquium Proceedings are due by September 15, 2011. 

Proposals should include title, purpose section, and a summary. Please include name, academic affiliation and contact information (phone and e-mail) and send to arquivodelfimsantos@gmail.com

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