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HOSTING HOPOS 2014: Call for expressions of interest

The HOPOS Steering Committee invites expressions of interest in hosting the 2014 HOPOS Conference, the tenth biennial conference of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science. In accord with its international mission, HOPOS would prefer a venue outside North America for 2014, but serious proposals from within North America will also be fully considered. Past HOPOS conferences have engaged 100 to 150 participants and have drawn a portion of their funding from the sponsoring academic institution.  Alternative arrangements may also be considered. The Steering Committee would like to make a decision at the HOPOS 2012 meeting in Halifax in June.  Expressions of interest should thus be forwarded to the Committee at your earliest possible convenience and, in any event, no later than 1st March 2012.
Please send expressions of interest to Will Krieger, HOPOS Executive Secretary, at:
The HOPOS meetings have been held in the following venues: 1996: Roanoke, VA / 1998: South Bend, IN / 2000: Vienna / 2002: Montreal / 2004: San Francisco / 2006: Paris / 2008: Vancouver / 2010: Budapest
Janet Folina, Vice President
Visit the website at

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