quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011


On Day 4 of Wright's Ramblings, Crispin walked from Hebdon Bridge to Ponden - a total of 11 miles! He addressed the following question: "Has being a philosopher had an impact on how you approach your life?" To view todays Rambling and Wright's other Ramblings please go to the NIP homepage http://www.abdn.ac.uk/philosophy/nip/ - choose 'Wright's Philosophical Ramblings' from the sidebar, and donate a minimum of £5.
ABOUT WRIGHT'S RAMBLINGS: This summer Crispin Wright (NIP Director and Professor at NYU) will walk The Pennine Way, 268 miles across the Pennine mountain tops.
The aim is to raise money to support graduate students from elsewhere to visit the Northern Institute of Philosophy and to support Northern Institute of Philosophy graduate students to visit other institutions. This is in line with a general mission of the Institute to support early career philosophers to develop their interests and skills through collaboration and philosophical interactions. The costs of such visits and exchanges are seldom adequately provided for in the budgets of grant giving authorities, and philosophy departments, even when in principle willing to support research-related travel by graduate students, are less and less able to do so. We hope to build a Trust Fund at NIP to enable us to provide such support as a part of the regular working routine of the Institute. Each night of the approximately 20-day journey, Crispin will answer — or anyway address — a philosophical (or not) question chosen by the votes of you, the benefactors.
To vote, visit the Wright's Ramblings website via the NIP homepagehttp://www.abdn.ac.uk/philosophy/nip/

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