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The Berlin Journal of Philosophy Call for Referees

At this time, there appears to be no extant philosophy journal that adheres to simultaneous policies of blind submissions, double-blind review, and anti-plagiarism. The Berlin Journal of Philosophy therefore innovates in adhering strictly to all three. The Berlin Journal of Philosophy is a blind-submission, double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that will publish articles on all topics in the four traditional major areas of philosophical specialization, namely

epistemology & metaphysics
value theory 
history of philosophy

and their established subspecialties, including
epistemology & metaphysics:
metaphysicsphilosophy of mind
philosophy of science
philosophy of action
philosophy of language
symbolic logic
mathematical logic
philosophy of logic
philosophy of mathematics
decision theory
game theory
formal epistemology
non-classical logics
value theory:
normative ethics
political philosophy
social philosophy
philosophy of social science
philosophy of law
history of philosophy:
history of European philosophyhistory of Anglo-American philosophyhistory of Indian philosophy
history of Chinese philosophyhistory of Persian philosophy
history of Arabic philosophy
history of African philosophy

The Journal seeks qualified, experienced, professionally trained philosophers to follow and apply these policies, as anonymous blind referees, in each of the above-listed areas of specialization. Volunteers are sought in all areas, but most particularly in the history of Indian philosophy, the history of Chinese philosophy, the history of Persian philosophy, the history of Arabic philosophy, and the history of African philosophy subspecialties. Further information and a more complete list of desired subspecialties can be found at http://www.adrianpiper.com/berlinjphil/index.shtml . 

The Berlin Journal of Philosophy
is ©, administered and published by
the APRA Foundation Berlin,
an independent research organization
 unaffiliated with any department, institute, school, college, university, or other academic institution.

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