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Workshop: The Semantics and Epistemology of Mental State Ascriptions

Friday, September 30th – Saturday, October 1st 2011 / Venue: Ruhr-University Bochum, GA 04/187
The Registration is now open. To register please fill out and submit the registration form you find on the following web page http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/phil-lang/spe4/registration.html 
Chairs: Simone Duca, Albert Newen, Tomoo Ueda, Markus Werning13.00-14.00:   Katarzyna Jaszczolt (Cambridge) “Representing Beliefs De Se
14.00-15.00:   Simone Duca (Bochum) “Self-directed Meta-beliefs
15.00-15.30    Coffee Break
15.30-17.00:   Roundtable talks  (contributed)
17.00-17.15     Coffee break
17.15-17.45:   Tomoo Ueda (Bochum) “The Communicative Role of Propositional Attitudes
17.45-18.45:   Paul Saka (U Texas) “Belief ReportsConference dinner (19.00-22.00) 


Colloquium (continued)
09.15-10.15:   Hannes Leitgeb (LMU, Munich) “Qualitative and Quantitative Belief Ascriptions”
10.15-11.15:   Robert Matthews (Rutgers) “Propositional Attitudes and their Attribution: A Measurement-theoretic Account11.15-11.45:   Coffee break
11.45-12:45:   Markus Werning (Bochum) “Propositional Attitudes and Mixed Quotation12.45-14.15:   Lunch & Poster Session
14.15-15.15:   Mark Richard (Harvard) “Attitudes, Semantics, and Pragmatics
15.15-16.15:   Albert Newen (Bochum) “Attitude Ascriptions and Mental Files
16.15-16.45    Coffee Break 
16.45-17.45:   John Perry (Stanford) “Networks and Attitudes
Scientific Organization (Workshop):
Prof. Albert Newen, Prof. Markus Werning, Dr. Simone Duca, Tomoo Ueda
General Organization (SPE 4): Prof. Markus Werning and Prof. Heinrich Wansing (Bochum)
Email: spe4@rub.de
Webpage: http: //www.rub.de/phil-lang/spe4

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