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New Online Conference: The Changing Face of War

Benjamin Gimmel, BenHur14-20 November 2011

Wiley-Blackwell is delighted to announce our next Exchanges Online Conference, entitled The Changing Face of WarFollowing on from the extraordinary success of our previous conference (Wellbeing: A Cure-All for the Social Sciences?), this exciting new conference again promises to set the benchmark for events within the social sciences and humanities communities. As before, the conference is free to all, and will take place online over the course of one week. The conference will bring together academics from the disciplines of history, policy, philosophy, peace studies, religious studies, sociology, politics, cultural studies and more.

The conference will cover the following thought-provoking themes
Theory and Philosophy of War: Is war essential for humanity?
Evolution of Warfare: Are we witnessing ‘new’ kinds and locations of war in the 21st century?
From Home Front to Front Line: What can military historians learn from social and cultural historians, and vice versa?
War in Cultural Context: Styles of warfare: the West and the Rest
Peacemaking, Reconstruction and Nation-Building: How are wars absorbed and resolved, both physically and mentally?
The conference will include the following content
Slide-cast keynote addresses from leading figures in the field
Scholarly articles with expert commentary
Publishing workshops
Live Q&A with presenters
A book and journal ‘Reading Room’, plus a generous delegates’ discount
Previews of ‘Encyclopedia of War’ and ‘Handbook of Peace Psychology
Text discussion open to all
Attendance certificate

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