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CFP: Perspectivalism workshop

Ghent, 19-20 January 2012

"Nothing dictates whether the skies shall be marked off into constellations or other objects. We have to make what we find, be it the Great Dipper, Sirius, food, fuel, or a stereo system." (Nelson Goodman)
Various philosophers have claimed that facts of a certain sort somehow depend on our perspective on the matter. It has for example been suggested that causal facts, temporal facts, moral facts, facts concerning existence, identity, boundaries, etc. are perspective-dependent. Such a position goes under various names: perspectivalism, anti-realism, metaphysical relativism. This workshop aims at reviewing new arguments for and against.
Invited speakers
Anjan Chakravartty (University of Toronto)
Anna-Sofia Maurin (Lund University)
Call for abstracts
We welcome proposals to participate in the workshop, and will select up to 8 papers. Please send an abstract (anonymized, 500 words, for a one-hour paper) to perspectivalism@UGent.be by October 21 2011. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by November 18.

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